An A to Z of the Biofuel Economy

We?ve written plenty about the growing biofuel market and the rising concern over the sustainability of corn or wheat ethanol and soy biodiesel production. Here?s an A to Z of alternative materials and innovative processes that can turn that biomass into fuel. From milk-based ethanol, to termite intestines that help make biofuels, check out these 26 sources.

Apples: Fructose, the sugar found in apples and other fruit, can be converted into a fuel contains more energy than ethanol, say scientists from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The fuel is called dimethylfuran or DMF, and it supposedly has a 40 percent greater energy density than ethanol.

Beer: Researchers at The University of Abertay Dundee?s School of Contemporary Sciences are investigating ways to turn waste residues from beer and whiskey making processes into biofuels. Meanwhile, the New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins, Colorado, teamed up with Solix Biofuels to make use of the waste CO2 from the booze.

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