Bill Richardson For President 2008

Green Options did a great post on my preferential candidate for the sort-of upcoming elections in 2008, Bill Richardson, read on…

Ok, so I stole the title of this article from a song from that wildly popular Canadian pop group “The Poppy Family.” It was a huge hit way, way, way back in 1969. But it truly does apply to New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson’s 2008 presidential campaign. The messages from his energy plan seem to be going in many different directions.

Let’s look at his extremely impressive resume! Richardson is the current Governor of New Mexico, a job that he has held since 2003. But he has also been:

  • 7-Term US Congressman from New Mexico
  • United Nations Ambassador, appointed by President Clinton
  • Secretary of Energy, under President Clinton
  • Chairman of the Democratic Governors Association
  • Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 4 Times
  • Brokered a cease-fire in Darfur
  • Negotiated the release of hostages and political prisoners in Iraq, North Korea and Cuba

Read more at: Power to the People: Which Way Ya Goin’ Billy …

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