The Top 100 Effects of Global Warming

Center for American Progress

This surprising article from the Center for American Progress is an amazingly well done compilation of 100 articles from major magazines, newspapers and journals across the world. Here are some of the highlights/downfalls:

  • Say Goodbye to Baseball – The future of the ash tree—from which all baseball bats are made—is in danger of disappearing, thanks to a combination of killer beetles and global warming. [NY Times]
  • Say Goodbye to French Fries – Scientists from the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research say warmer temperatures are killing off wild relatives of potato and peanut plants, “threatening a valuable source of genes necessary to help these food crops fight pests and drought.” [AP]
  • Say Hello to Bulgarian Hooker Shortages – “Brothel owners in Bulgaria are blaming global warming for staff shortages. They claim their best girls are working in ski resorts because a lack of snow has forced tourists to seek other pleasures.” [Metro UK]
  • Farewell to the Arctic Fox – The White Arctic Fox used to rule the colder climes, but as temperatures warm up, its more aggressive cousin, the Red Fox, is moving North and taking over. [Wired]

Read all 100 at: The Top 100 Effects of Global Warming

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