Waterworld: Ice-Free Canada To Become Backdoor World Power!

Now that Canada has a stronger currency than America, what’s to stop them?

polar bearA unified front of left-leaning ice-friendly countries, led by Russia and including Canada and Denmark, has begun to emerge from the once-frosty north. So far, they’re just demanding the immediate return of all the ice they lost this summer. (This year, “six Californias” of open water appeared in the Arctic.) But what no one has asked is: Why do these fringey countries like ice so much? Is it because they have nothing else? Unfortunately, now that Canada’s dollar is oddly similar to an actual dollar and a donut at any one of the 2,733 Canada-based Tim Horton’s costs like four actual dollars, we must listen to their distress. But they are misguided! God’s great plan for His world has at last granted Canada a Northwest Passage! Freed from this sad dependence on ice and misery, Canadian sea shipping lane dominance will turn Toronto into the new Tokyo, and Montreal into the new Seoul! Though Regina will still suck pretty bad.

Waterworld: Ice-Free Canada To Become Backdoor World Power! (via Gawker)

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