Nintendo helps keep earth green

 Nintendo helps keep earth green

Nintendo aims to increase environmental awareness among gamers by introducing Chibi-Robo: Park Patrol for the DS platform as well as offering 500 tree seedlings to kids who want to spruce up their neighborhoods. The game itself is based on the growing environmental movement, letting players play the role of a cute little robot. Your task would be to clean up a park by planting flowers, building park equipment and defeat toxic enemies known as Smoglings. You’ll be able to carry out actions like watering plants, squirting enemies or riding a bike. Each good deed results in Happy Points that power him. Even the modes of transportation inside the game are environmentally friendly to help drive the message home. Looks like Nintendo has broken new ground once again with Chibi-Robo: Park Patrol, being on of the first environmentally themed video game adventures in the world. You can get your tree seedling by registering at between now and Nov. 9.

Nintendo helps keep earth green (Via Ubergizmo)

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