Doggie Dooley Turns Pet Waste into Lawn Food

doggiedooley.jpgThe “Doggie Dooley” is a “miniature septic tank” for your dog’s special presents. A galvanized steel bucket with a plastic top, the Doogie Dooley is placed in a hole in your yard, filled with waste, water, and a packet of enzymes and bacteria known as the “Digester Powder.” The treated liquid will seep out of the Doggie Dooley and into your yard, which it will presumably help, not hinder, the growth of grass. You have to add another packet of the Digester Powder every six months, but besides that it pretty much takes care of itself. Way more environmentally friendly than wrapping it up in plastic bags and tossing it in the trash. Not bad for thirty-three bucks. Doggie Dooley Pet Waste Disposal System [Petco]

Doggie Dooley Turns Pet Waste into Lawn Food (via Boing Boing: Gadgets)

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