Rising seas threaten 21 mega-cities

AP – Cities around the world are facing the danger of rising seas and other disasters related to climate change.

Rising seas threaten 21 mega-cities (AP)

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  1. 1 andrea silverthorne

    Thialand, the Maldives Tuvalo, and all the Pacific countries that are sinking, are being pulled into the sea by the crustal deformatrion caused by the massive use of fresh water and liquid carbon dioxide in Enhanced Oil Recovery. These islands and countries sit on the circumfrence of the area that is sinking and they are being literally ripped into the sea, the reason the circumfrence is going first is that Indonesia and the surrounding area that the fossil fuel industry is working in, sits up much higher; there is a huge mound of higher water in that area just north of Austrailia . When it goes it will be the mother of all tsunamis and it will seep over Austraila in its entirety. They industry puts over 100 million tonnes a year of liquid CO2 and massive amounts of water into the deep earth in the area. When the earth quakes that they contribute to, with this activity occur the released magma sets off methane hydrate explosions which make matters worse. This is what is coming out of the ground at Sidijaro Indonesia. It is the toxic acidic watery gruel that CO2 produces in the ground with exploding methane hydrates. national geographics made note of thefact thesubstance coming out of the ground is odd and unusually watery. Search key words Frio texas carbon sequestration role of water in subduction earth quakes.

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