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Rare sea turtles wash up dead

Very Sad…

View images of threatened sea turtles getting some human help as well as one community allowed to harvest turtle eggs since the population there is considered so healthy.At least 20 endangered sea turtles have washed up dead along the southern Bangladesh coast over the last week, an official said Wednesday.

Rare sea turtles wash up dead

Army of Tiny Crustaceans is Destroying a Small Japanese Island

hiroshima island

It’s one thing to have swarms of giant jellyfish or squids preying upon local commercial fish populations; it’s quite another to have a huge swarm of crustaceans – tiny ones at that – threatening to destroy an entire island. The uninhabited island of Hoboro, which lies about 1,650 ft off the coast of Hiroshima, has been under steady attack for the last few years; millions of crustaceans – relatives of crabs and shrimp known as “nanatsuba-kotsubumushi” – are boring into the island….

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